Success Stories

I had been given all that I needed. Now it’s up to me to do the work and do the practice, and put all the wonderful concepts and ideas to work for me.

I am so glad you offered the class and glad that I decided to take the class. I did learn so much. It was exactly what I needed at the time I needed it.

The class has helped with my entire life, not just my sexual one. The process of meditating and guiding my thoughts in a different direction has been transformative. The sexual part of my life has improved too.

If I need a tune-up, I won’t hesitate to call you for an appointment.


Thank you so much! I remember the first appointment I had with you and how immediately you knew and felt what was inside of me that had been neglected. You continue to impress me. I am anxious to discover what is buried inside of me that is crying to come out. I always have felt safe in the classes you have held.

Thank you for believing in me. That means a lot to me and I haven’t heard that in a long time.


I just want to thank you again for everything that you’ve done to help Joe and me. I believe that we are in such a good place and ready to move forward in large part because of our time with you. We really struggled all summer and needed your expertise and guidance to get us to look deep and realize what we were not able to recognize in ourselves or say to each other. As we shared last night, something has changed which is hard to articulate, but we are feeling very positive now about the future. We will not hesitate to contact you again, if need be, and will definitely recommend you to others.

Thanks so much! We very much appreciate the care and concern that you’ve shown to us.


Dr. Ryan is the real deal. I cannot recommend enough that if you are facing something you cannot overcome on your own, let her help you – she will, if you are willing to do the work. Let her guide you – the results can be amazing, if you’re willing.


I have been coming to Dr. Maureen Ryan for Life Coaching for a number of months now. I had major issues going on in my life which had brought me great sorrow. She has counseled me to confront things within myself that have helped free me from my old ways of thinking – I am expanding, growing, happier, more at peace. It has taken a lot of hard work – but her guidance and keen instinct has pointed me in the right direction. I am truly grateful for her expertise, insight, gentleness when needed, and toughness when needed.


I want to thank you. I came to you for sex therapy, but you are giving me so much more than that. You are healing the whole person. Wherever I go from here, I will be forever grateful that I found you.


Maureen Ryan saved my life, my marriage, my family my children. She helped me to breathe and focus and get through the day. She helped me to understand a world I never knew existed and gave me tools to cope and move on. She was kind and professional and knows these issues and how to deal with them.


We went to see Dr. Maureen Ryan because our sex life was almost nonexistent. She listened and helped us break down what seemed to be overwhelming challenges. We would not have gotten through without her insights, support and guidance. By taking small steps, we have rediscovered our passion and put sexual pleasure back in our marriage.

Couple from Amherst, NY

Thank you for helping me through one of the darkest periods of my life and the initial shock which was devastating. You helped me when I thought I was going to die. I appreciate that you were all about keeping my marriage together which I now believe was the right choice. You were so professional with such difficult subjects yet willing to discuss details if necessary when I first discovered this. I went to another counselor before seeing you. She was not aware of how to deal with this and gave me the worst possible advice and I ended up throwing my husband out of the house. He was truly suicidal and we almost divorced. Fortunately I had a great primary Doctor who referred me to you! Thank you for not judging me and I hope you continue to help people because you are so good at it. You saved not only me but my two children and husband.


Thank you so much for the fantastic presentation you provided to the US TOO! Prostate Cancer Support Group, on January 6th. Many of our members have responded to me with their positive comments, and importance of your topics in relation to prostate cancer. Incontinence and sexual function are two rarely discussed topics in the Western New York area, and our group appreciates your attempt to try and educate people in this area. Thank you for staying longer at our meeting and answering all of our questions. You are a dedicated individual and we greatly look forward to hearing your presentation next year. We as a group will start to think about what topics we would like discussed, the next time you present. Thanks for all you do.


Bill - US TOO! Prostate Cancer Support Group

Thank you for helping me. I may still call on you again as I still have bad moments and breakdowns. Before this I had never believed in therapy or lost control of my emotions or ability to function in life.


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