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As an affiliate with Mind & Body Connection for Adult Health, you can enjoy the rewarding experience of making a powerful difference in the lives of women who have survived cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, there were an estimated 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States, with an expected increase to 20.3 million by 2026.

Unfortunately, many women continue to suffer needlessly for years after surviving cancer. While their primary care and oncology providers are well-equipped to help manage their diagnosis, they lack the time, resources and expertise to manage the issue of sexual health. Cancer and cancer treatment often leave women’s sexuality ravaged. Survivors need information, support, and assistance to manage their sexual changes. Too often, this support is not available, and cancer survivors do not get the help they need.

We now have new, evidence-based programs available to assist women to enhance intimacy and decrease the sexual side effects of cancer. Our program, Recreating Your Sexy After Cancer, guides women back to an intimate relationship and deep emotional connection with themselves – from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Over the course of 6 weeks, women rediscover their sense of self as a sexual being: peering through the lens of the mind, body, heart and spirit.

Women recreate their sexy by learning how to manage – or eliminate – sexual dysfunctions, while learning how to live with more passion, vibrancy and sensuality in their lives.

Sexual health is a vital component of quality of life and relationship satisfaction, and through our affiliate program, you can work to achieve this for women who are suffering.





Who Can Become An Affiliate?

We’re delighted that you are considering becoming an affiliate partner with Mind Body Connection. If you work with cancer survivors, use social media, blog, distribute an ezine or have a mailing list where you share positive information, I’d love to partner with you.

How Do You Get Paid?

You’ll get a check mailed directly to you, or you can choose the PayPal option to receive your commissions. For every referral to the Recreating Sexy after Cancer program, you will receive $50 as a show of appreciation. We pay every quarter, as long as you’ve acquired at least $50 in commissions. Our shopping cart system does all the work for us and keeps track of the details. Once you become an affiliate, you can login to our site anytime and check your stats. It couldn’t be simpler!

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