Intimacy – The experience of deeply knowing another person and feeling deeply known”

Intimacy and Sexual Health Counseling may help you:

Strengthen a loving relationship by enhancing sexual intimacy
Work individually or with your partner to manage sexual concerns from the comfort and privacy of your home
Identify thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that create barriers to intimacy

Sexual Health Counseling

Can help you Manage:

  • Low sexual desire
  • Lack of sexual pleasure
  • Body image concerns
  • Lack of sexual knowledge and skills
  • Anxiety related to sexual performance
  • Male and female sexual dysfunctions

Virtual counseling is convenient, private and is available to anyone with Internet access.

Most insurances are accepted.

Available Programs

Online Program

Cancer Survivorship Sexual Health Program

Virtual Book Club

We are open to women who are seeking a safe, relaxed environment to learn, grow and be inspired through thoughtful conversation.

Online Program

4 Week Online Program

Rekindling Intimacy after Cancer

Do you struggle with intimacy after surviving cancer? Rediscover your body and enhance your intimate relationship from the comfort of your own home

Monthly In-Person Gathering

Cancer Survivorship Sexual Health
Program for Women

Reconnect with yourself and your partner

Even the most comprehensive cancer care usually doesn’t address the physical, mental and emotional concerns surrounding intimacy that survivors encounter following treatment. That’s where we come in.

Online Program

What Every Healthcare Professional Needs to Know

A Guide to Sexual
Health Conversations

As a nurse practitioner, sex therapist and educator specializing in sexual health, I know first hand that health care providers feel ill prepared to discuss sexual health matters with their patients.

We went to see Dr. Maureen Ryan because our sex life was almost nonexistent. She listened and helped us break down what seemed to be overwhelming challenges. We would not have gotten through without her insights, support, and guidance. By taking small steps, we have rediscovered our passion and put sexual pleasure back in our marriage.
Couple from Amherst, NY