We know it can be challenging to talk about the emotional, mental, and physical concerns surrounding intimacy that survivors encounter.
That’s where we come in!

Welcome to Rekindling Intimacy after Cancer 
Are you frustrated over the lack of resources available to help you create a satisfying sexual relationship after cancer treatment?

You’re not alone.

You can create a satisfying intimate relationship with the emotional connection and pleasure you desire.

This 4-week online program will help you reconnect with yourself and your partner.

Imagine feeling hopeful, feminine and vibrant in spite of health challenges.

Experience enhanced intimacy and pleasurable sex again!

From the comfort of your home,  learn how to manage – or eliminate – sexual dysfunctions, and reclaim your vibrancy!

Live with more hope, passion, and sensuality in your life!

I’m willing to give myself permission to be sexual again – in a body that may look and respond differently.
Let’s shift you out of a state of sexual disconnection, where you:
  • Feel uncertain of who you are as a sexual being.
  • Believe you’ve lost your libido, if your body doesn’t automatically desire sexual intimacy.
  • Are frustrated by the lack of resources available for cancer survivors, to help maintain a satisfying sexual relationship.
  • Take a passive approach to your sexual health.
…and into a Feel-Good Life where you:
  • Take a proactive and positive approach to regain sexual health.
  • Explore the physical, mental and emotional needs essential to preserving sexual health.
  • Communicate your present needs and accept that they are subject to change.
In this program, you’ll gain:
Evidence based interventions to manage the sexual side effects of cancer treatment.

Information on female sexuality including treatment effects on sexual desire, arousal, pleasure and function.

The ability to discuss sexual matters with ease.

An improved body image and sense of self as a sexual being.

Enhanced emotional well-being.

Strategies to manage sexual side effects.

Woman-to-woman support, mutual validation, and camaraderie shared by group participants.

Different perspectives and coping strategies from others on similar issues.

Techniques to manage menopausal symptoms.

Courage, confidence and self-compassion

Rekindling Intimacy after Cancer
  • No more avoiding touch, fearing it leading to sexual activity … while yearning for touch at the same time?
  • No more longing to experience an intimate relationship: with passion, commitment, and a deep emotional connection.
  • No more difficulty experiencing sexual pleasure, due to pain and vaginal dryness.
  • No more expectations that your body should be the initiator of sexual desire.
  • Begin to feel comfortable and at ease discussing sexual matters.
  • Begin exploring your body and discovering new pathways to pleasure.
  • Begin feeling energized and alive in your body.
  • Begin being uninhibited and confident – giving yourself permission to experience pleasure.

What is the benefit of an online program for sexual health?
Enjoy the security of anonymity; making it easier to discuss highly sensitive issues, or ask questions you may otherwise feel uncomfortable asking.

Open and honest expression of thoughts and feelings lead to enhanced coping skills, allowing you to view issues from a fresh perspective.

Interaction, support, and validation from other women with similar experiences.

How this Program is Delivered

4 Weekly Live Webinars + Q & A Sessions
The Rekindling Intimacy after Cancer program is offered every 4 weeks, and runs for 4 consecutive weeks. Each week, you will receive: powerful content via a live webinar classes (45 mins), homework, and a live Q & A following each class (15 – 30 mins) to help you immediately apply the teachings to your life.

Course Outline

Module 1: Sexual Health Matters: Cancer and its impact on the mind, body, heart and relationships.

Module 2: Physical: Common sexual side effects, female sexual response and everything else you never learned in health class.

Module 3: Mind: Thoughts, beliefs, communication, body image.

Module 4: Heart: Emotions as teachers, fear, anxiety, betrayal, vulnerability, trust, acceptance, compassion, love for self and others.

Please know that my highest mission is to stay present to your needs, and to those of the group. Although all of the course content will be covered, the exact structure of each class may vary, to allow instruction be fluid and dynamic.

Our Virtual Zoom meetings allows you to connect with other women in our community, who are in a similar situation as yourself. Although it is possible to embark on this journey privately; you will likely have a more powerful and effective experience when you connect with others – sharing questions, insights, and victories.
A Final Note from Dr. Maureen:

Please know that we are 100% committed to creating an experience in which you feel supported, seen, and held. I believe this is most likely to happen when you feel the ease, inspiration, and joy gained from a community that is fully dedicated to traveling this path together.

I’d love to hear from you with questions, concerns, or enthusiasm! I want to stay close to you throughout each step of your journey, so the sooner we get to know each other, the better for all us both!

With full gratitude for taking the time to explore this path,

Dr. Maureen