We understand that cancer and its treatments can impact many aspects of a woman’s life, including intimacy. Our program is designed to support female cancer survivors in navigating the physical and emotional challenges related to intimacy after treatment. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for open discussion, education, and tools for managing intimacy concerns. By participating in this program, we hope to empower survivors to take control of their intimate health and well-being on their journey towards healing and recovery

Welcome to Rekindling Intimacy after Cancer 

The Rekindling Intimacy after Cancer program runs once every 4 weeks for a consecutive 4 week period. During this time, participants will receive engaging content through weekly live webinar classes lasting 45 minutes, along with homework assignments. After each class, there will be a live Q&A session of 15 to 30 minutes to aid in immediate application of the program’s teachings to everyday life.

I’m willing to give myself permission to be intimate again – in a body that may look and respond differently

Let’s move you from a state of sexual disconnection, where you:

  • Feel discouraged by the scarcity of resources for cancer survivors to maintain fulfilling sexual relationships


    Feel unsure of your identity as a sexual person.


    Think that your lack of spontaneous sexual desire means you’ve lost your libido

…and into a positive and hopeful Life where you:

  • Adopt a proactive and optimistic mindset to restore sexual wellness.
  • Examine the physical, mental, and emotional elements crucial to maintaining sexual health.
  • Express your current needs and understand that they are subject to change.

In this program, you’ll gain:

Evidence-based strategies to cope with cancer treatment’s sexual side effects.

Knowledge of female sexuality, including the impact of treatment on desire, arousal, pleasure, and function.

Comfortable communication skills on sexual topics.

Boosted body image and self-perception as a sexual individual.

Enhanced emotional wellness.

Approaches to tackle sexual adverse effects.

Revitalizing Intimate Relationships After Cancer

  • Say goodbye to the fear of touch leading to sexual activity while simultaneously yearning for it.

  • Say goodbye to longing for a passionate, committed, and emotionally connected intimate relationship.

  • Say goodbye to the notion that your body should dictate sexual desire

    Start feeling comfortable and relaxed when talking about sexual topics.

  • Start exploring your body and finding new ways to experience pleasure.

  • Give yourself permission to experience pleasure and be confident and uninhibited

Our online program for female cancer survivors offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Convenience: The program is accessible from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you best.
  2. Confidentiality: The online format allows for complete anonymity, ensuring a safe and private space to address intimate health concerns.
  3. Expert guidance: The program is led by experts in oncology and sexual health, providing evidence-based information and support.
  4. Personalized support: Participants have the opportunity to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences, building a community of support and understanding.
  5. Flexibility: Participants can work at their own pace, revisit materials, and revisit resources as needed.
  6. Empowerment: By participating in the program, women can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to address intimacy concerns and improve their physical and emotional well-being.”

How this Program is Delivered

 4 Weekly Live Coach + Q & A Session

The Rekindling Intimacy after Cancer program is held every 4 weeks, lasting for 4 consecutive weeks. Each week, participants receive powerful content through live webinar classes (45 minutes), accompanied by homework and a live Q & A session (15 to 30 minutes) following each class to facilitate the practical application of the teachings to daily life.


Course Outline

Module 1: Sexual Health & Cancer: Effects on Mind, Body, Heart & Relationships

 Module 2: Physical Aspects of Sexual Health: Understanding Common Sexual Dysfunctions, Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology, and Topics Omitted from Traditional Health Education

 Module 3: Mental Health: Examining Thoughts, Beliefs, Communication Skills, and Body Perception

Module 4: Emotional Aspects: Utilizing Emotions as Guides, Addressing Fear, Anxiety, Betrayal, Vulnerability, Building Trust, Cultivating Acceptance, Self-Love and Loving Others

My foremost aim is to attend to your and the group’s needs. Although the complete course material will be covered, the exact class format may change to make the delivery flexible and lively.


Our Virtual Zoom gatherings provide an opportunity to connect with women facing similar circumstances. While solo journeys are possible, a more impactful and productive experience can be achieved through interaction with others, exchanging questions, insights, and successes

A Final Note from Dr. Maureen:

We are fully dedicated to providing a supportive, inclusive, and nurturing experience for you. The best way to achieve this is by fostering a community that shares a common goal, and offers ease, inspiration, and joy through collective journey.

Feel free to reach out with inquiries, concerns, or excitement! Maintaining close contact with you throughout your journey benefits us both, so let’s get to know each other sooner.

With heartfelt thanks for considering this journey