The TLS Weight Loss Solution is a unique weight loss program that provides you with the tools that make sustainable behavior changes. Our program is tailored to your individual needs to assure your success. We assist you to identify personal motivators that are unique and meaningful to you and only you. We will discuss perceived barriers to healthier lifestyle choices and develop strategies to overcome them.

We believe that the mind, including individual thoughts and beliefs, influence personal choices an internal mind shift therefore must occur before behaviors are to become sustainable and maintained. We provide the necessary information and support needed to eat a healthy diet resulting in weight loss. There are many weight loss programs available however our program offers additional coaching support. A wide variety of strategies include relaxation techniques, guided imagery, mindfulness practices and personal reflections will assist you in achieving and maintaining personal health goals.

For your convenience and to accommodate those outside of the area we will meet online. The TLS program will run for 10 consecutive Thursdays at 7 pm EST starting on June 1, 2017.

  • TLS Weight Loss Solution- Contact Cindy Dombrowski RN

at (716) 491-2774 for in person and online meeting times.