Intimacy Coaching

You may benefit from Sexual Health Coaching if you are experiencing any of the following:

Are you worried that you aren’t having or wanting sex enough?

Have you ever wondered if becoming aroused is this difficult for everyone?

Have you ever struggled to reach orgasm?

Have you ever experienced episodes of erectile dysfunction?

Have you ever experienced premature or delayed ejaculation?

Has sex ever been painful or uncomfortable?

Have you had feelings of inhibitions or aversions to sex?

Is stress negatively affecting your sex life?

Have you or your partner become bored in the bedroom?

Are insecure about your changing body or do you have body image issues?

Have you ever experienced performance anxiety regarding sex?

Has your past left you with trust and intimacy issues?

Have you had medical procedures or illness that have negatively impacted your sex life?

Have you or your partner worried that either of you might be addicted to pornography?

I offer Sexual Health Coaching in my office or over the telephone. Coaching by phone is convenient and has been found to reduce anxiety.

Contact me to schedule a free, introductory, 15-minute phone consultation.

We went to see Dr. Maureen Ryan because our sex life was almost nonexistent. She listened and helped us break down what seemed to be overwhelming challenges. We would not have gotten through without her insights, support and guidance. By taking small steps, we have rediscovered our passion and put sexual pleasure back in our marriage.

Couple from Amherst, NY

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