Services by Maureen Ryan NP

Medications for sexual dysfunctions are most effective when combined with counseling

New treatment options for low sexual desire in women and ED in men

Hypnotherapy for barriers to intimacy including body image concerns, weight loss, anxiety performance and smoking cessation (gift certificates available)

Overcome sexual dysfunctions, health challenges, and performance anxiety
Strengthen intimate relationships, sexual skills and confidence

Maureen Ryan NP provides treatment and counseling for individuals and couples with sexual problems.  Sessions are virtual to protect your health.

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Sexual Health Counseling
Specialized Online Programs

All sessions are held virtually and are compliant with HIPPA regulations.

Most Health Insurances Accepted.

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Maureen Ryan saved my life, my marriage, my family my children. She helped me to breathe and focus and get through the day. She helped me to understand a world I never knew existed and gave me tools to cope and move on. She was kind and professional and knows these issues and how to deal with them.

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