Q: What is the difference between Private Coaching vs Group Coaching? 

In Private Coaching, an individual or couple meets with me privately in my office or on the phone to discuss their sensitive issues. I provide the expertise, insight, gentleness, and toughness when needed, to help you along the path toward your personal goals.

Group coaching creates a space of safety and support that allows participants to reach deep within themselves, find their own inner wisdom and share that wisdom with the other members of the group. I provide guidance and encouragement during group coaching, but participants also receive motivation, support and validation from other people who are experiencing similar issues.


Q: What is the difference between Group Coaching vs Workshop?

Workshops are typically short term (three to five sessions) and there is no leader follow-up after the workshop ends. In group coaching, participants meet regularly and the focus is on the needs of the individuals in the group.

Workshops have pre-determined content and people join because they want to learn about the topic of the workshop. The facilitator of the workshop tends to be content oriented – answering questions and leading discussions about the information they are delivering.

In group coaching, on the other hand, the facilitator and the group co-create the content. Discussions are not typically based on pre-determined content or information, but on the individual member’s agendas.


Q: What is the difference between Teleseminars vs Webinars?

A webinar is a workshop that people listen to and watch on the web, via their computer, while a teleseminar involves listening only, via the telephone or computer. The workshops that I offer can be in either teleseminar or webinar format. The format will be specified in the workshop description and the access method will be made clear as part of the registration process.