The Power of Control: Managing Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation effects nearly 30% of men, most of whom never receive the help needed to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction. Acquire new skills that are guaranteed to help you improve the quality of your love life for both you and your partner. Our group will meet for three sessions. The first is an educational teleclass and the second and third are group coaching sessions. Sign up now and discover new behavioral techniques that have been found to help men last longer.

I used what you taught me today and it was incredible, great improvement with start/stop and loose jaw and muscles. We both had a tantric like experience, thank you again. Unreal :)” -Ron

I was with my girlfriend tonight and it was another amazing experience. She mentioned how our connection just felt so unique and moving the last two days. I’m almost skeptical that the adjustments have worked so well, so quickly, but I won’t complain. Take care, and thank you again.” -Andrew

Where: Over the phone in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Group Coaching Offered On: 

Tuesdays @ 8:30 pm EST

Register at any time and receive the educational component in a teleclass format. Practice the new behaviors and within the next 30 days join us for two group coaching sessions.

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Sexuality Matters

A woman’s sexual health affects her overall physical, emotional, mental, relationship, and spiritual health. When a woman is bothered by a sense of low sexual desire it may impact her well-being, leaving her feeling lonely, depressed and in strained relationships. This course is focused on promoting and encouraging behaviors that improve all aspects of sexuality. The group phone sessions provide an opportunity to share challenges and successes leaving participants feeling supported, hopeful and motivated to create the intimate relationship they desire.

Sexuality Matters Course Outline

Course Outline:

Module 1


Pillars of a Balanced Life
What is Mindfulness?

Core Values

Identifying Signature Strengths

Creating Your Vision

Module 2

Anatomy and Physiology

Neurobiology of Love

Female Sexual Response Cycle

Mindfulness practices

Module 3

Elements of emotional and sexual intimacy

Creating the environment both internally and externally

Relaxation techniques

Breathing exercises

Mindfulness meditation practice

Sensual touch

Module 4

How to incorporate learned strategies into daily practice

Opportunity for Q and A

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Stop Porn Before it Stops You
In a confidential, supportive, and non-judgmental environment join a group of men who have made the decision to remove sexually explicit material from their lives. Motivations and obstacles will be brought to light. For example, how may porn damage your sexual function? What are your triggers for this behavior?
Develop a personal plan to success using strategies that have been proven to be effective and be held accountable by group members. Heal your intimate relationships and create a new path to healthy sexuality.
Where: Over the phone from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Educational Component include: 
A Recorded Teleclass
Within the next 30 days join us on a Tuesday evening @ 9:30pm EST for two 60 minute group coaching segment.

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